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For fans of the/a realationship between French actors Gaspard Ulliel and Clemence Poesy

Welcome to the comm on Livejournal for fans of a/the realationship between French actors Gaspard Ulliel/Clemence Poesy. Gaspard is known for his roles in Hannibal Rising and A Very Long Engagement. Clemence is known for her role in Harry Potter & The Goblet Of Fire.

The two will also be together in the upcoming French movie La Troisième Partie du monde.

Feel free to post fic, icons, news, and pictures in this comm. But also, keep it nice. There is no girlfriend or boyfriend bashing in this comm at all. Those post will be delete.

Lj-cut is also your friend. Cut big picture post, icon posts (but at least put 1-3 teasers outside a cut), and long stories. All work that is not safe for work or those who are underage must go under a cut as well.

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